You've made a fantastic decision in choosing Kite as your security solution. To get the best out of your alarm, we've provided some quick and easy to follow guides to make your initial setup effortlessly simple.

You can watch the videos or just follow the step by step guide in each section.
  Connecting up your kite alarm
In this video we will be connecting up our MaxxOne Kite Alarm Kit.
Step by step guide

1. After installing your Kite accessories, plug the provided power supply into the Kite hub.

2. Once done, remove the battery panel from you Kite hub and flick the small switch to the On position.

3. Now plug the Keypad in using the provided power supply.

4. Remove the battery panel from you Keypad and flick the small switch to the On position.

5. The rest of the accessories that come in the Kite Alarm starter system are already configured to link directly to your Kite main hub.

  setting up the kite app
In this video I will show you how to setup the mobile app that works in conjunction with the Kite Alarm.
Step by step guide

1. Firstly, download the MaxxOne Kite Alarm app onto your mobile device from the Android Play store or the Apple App store dependant on your device.

2. Once installed, tap to open the MaxxOne Kite App.

3. For now, we are going to use the Quick setup function to get the Kite Alarm working as intended.

4. Here we tap ‘Add a New Device’ and then ‘Quick Setup’.

5. Once done you will be prompted to press the Network button on the Kite hub for 3 seconds.

6. Remove the battery panel from your Kite hub and press the Network button for 3 seconds. Your main hub will now be flashing which means it is in pairing mode.

7. You will now be prompted to go to your WIFI list and connect to the Kite network using password 1234567890.

8. To do this, go to your phone settings and choose your WIFI menu, I am using an android phone so I will enter my settings here and then choose the Kite as my WIFI provider and type the password 1234567890.

9. Once done, return to the Kite app to continue and tap Next.

10. Here you need to choose your Home WIFI network.

11. On this screen, if the password box isn’t already populated you will need to type in your home WIFI password in both fields and then tap Confirm.

12. If all goes well you will now see the ‘Successfully connected to the Network’ screen on your mobile device. Once done, tap Next. 

13. You will now be prompted to Enter a device Pin. This should be something secure and memorable. I am going to use 0000 for now.

14. Please re-enter the pin you set as requested. Once done, tap next.

15. Your Kite alarm is now connected to your mobile device.

16. You will now be prompted to name your Kite alarm. Type in a name for your alarm, for now I will leave mine as the default. Once done, tap ‘All done! Let’s get going.’

  setting up an account on your kite alarm app
In this video we'll be setting up an account on the Kite Alarm App.
Step by step guide

1. We need to set up an account so that your Kite alarm is securely linked to your device and can’t be accessed by others unless you share it.

2. To do this, tap the account icon in the top left corner.

3. Now tap the pencil icon next to the pre-set username.

4. Here you will see a rundown of reasons to make an account. Tap ‘Create your account’.

5. Type in a Username. Now type in a password that is secure and memorable into both password fields. Once done, tap Create.

6. You will now be prompted to verify your account via phone or Email. We are going to use email. Tap, Email verification.

7. Type in your email address and tap Next. A verification email will now be sent to your email.

8. Check your inbox, you will receive a binding email with a URL inside. Open this URL to confirm your account. 

9. Once done, return to the Kite App and tap OK. 

10. Your account is now linked and your Kite alarm system is set up and ready to be used.

  Add additional accessories to your kite alarm
You may want to add additional accessories to your Kite alarm such as the External siren or additional Pet PIRs for example. This video will show you how.
Step by step guide

1. On your Kite app tap on the Add Accessory icon.

2. Tap ‘By scanning QR code’

3. Hold your phone up to the QR code that can be found on your additional accessory.

4. Once scanned you can name your new accessory, for example, I named a Door contact: testdoorcontact.

5. Your new accessory is now paired with your Kite alarm.

  Sharing access to your kite alarm with others
Now that your app is set up, you may want to share the app with friends, family or customers. I’m going to show you how.
Step by step guide

1. First open your MaxxOne Kite Alarm app.

2. Tap the settings cog in the top right corner.

3. Tap Share this device with others.

4. Here you can choose the level of permissions you want the user you are sharing the app with to have. For now, we will choose User.

5. You will now see your generated QR code. From here, anyone that you wish to share access to your Kite alarm with can simply scan the QR code with their MaxxOne Kite app, and they will have instant access to Arm and disarm the alarm.

6. Your Kite app is now completely set up for use by you and anyone you have shared access with.

  Further Support
For further support please contact our dedicated UK Technical Support team at
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